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The day had started well with a steady stream of bites as I targeted a series of fast runs where the chalk-filtered water polished the stones below with much gusto and dragged my float downstream at a pace until an obliging grayling decided to intervene. Such an abrupt stopping of the hook bait meant the bites were impossible to miss,... View Article

Dark too early to sleep and a star filled sky in conjunction with a white moon always spells a cold night in winter, within an hour of the sun being lost the grass is ice coated and the landing net behaves as if it has been starched. A time to retreat but if you are an angler this will mean... View Article

A fish of ginormous proportions rolled in front of me to reveal a body as wide as an oil drum. It was an arapaima, an Amazonian species, but I wasn’t in the jungle instead Thailand, the land of smiles. The year round warm temperatures found favour with both the fish and I, but not the small tilapia that I had... View Article

What is the best method to catch a specimen perch this winter? That answer isn’t simple as a number of factors are involved every time you go fishing that will dictate the winning tactic. This can range from the colour of the water to the distance needed to fish so it’s easy to make a mistake but having a range... View Article

For fashion conscious anglers the perch is certainly the fish to target during the winter months and a few big stripeys on your Facebook profile will get you a wave of likes. I think I’m too old now to be cool but I fully understand how perch have grabbed the nation’s attention, because of all the specimens I have been... View Article

Ancient stone forts and lookouts sit upon cliffs that soar into the sky holding back the white-capped waves and swell of the Atlantic. Here, where land and water, collide, the northwest coast of Ireland is testimony to the forces of nature, unforgiving, mesmerising and beautiful in equal measures. Cut beneath the surface and these descriptive words only gain in their... View Article