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In the sleepy Wiltshire village of Great Somerford it’s hard to imagine that anything could set the pulse racing on a warm summer’s day. Bumblebees enjoying well-manicured gardens while birdsong can clearly be heard all day sitting well off the beaten track and the humdrum humanity brings. So save for gentle gossip in the corner shop or the church bells... View Article

Morning broke with disappointment – why had I blanked overnight? The weather was good and the spots I had cast to sound, so why had the 3 rods failed to register a carp making a mistake? For a while I stayed in my sleeping bag and watched a fierce orange globe rise turning night into day but still the indicators... View Article

31 Jul 3 Comments

The night was cool and the wind northerly but I had the season of Spring on my side that kept me confident as I went to bed, curled up in a sleeping bag convinced that at some point during darkness one of my 3 rods would wake me. Each one had its terminal tackle staggered along a gravel strip at... View Article

24 Jul 2 Comments

The array of bait available to the angler has never been greater, from old favourites like a lobworm to the latest boilie with a concoction of additives and attractors guaranteed, if you listen to the manufacturer, to produce a bite. All have a time and a place dependent on species chosen and conditions faced but nothing, in my experience, can... View Article

Polaroid glasses on and quietly peering over a reed bed to witness specimen roach sitting behind a debris strewn branch with their red fins twitching and silver backs shining is one of the fondest memories I have of the river Kennet. These were my halcyon days for silver fishing on this venue and I was lucky to have had that... View Article

The craggy and enigmatic coastline of the south west, pummelled and shaped by giant Atlantic rollers to leave golden sand bays and eroded cliffs that touch the sky, is a place of pilgrimage for the sport fishermen. Launching a boat from an old smuggler’s harbour takes you to reefs that provide springtime refuge to monsters far beyond the imagination of... View Article