Seeking Shadows (Part 2)

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In the first film only half the story was told leaving winter and spring needing to be celebrated. Once again Martin is assisted by his friends to reveal the world beneath the surface, tempting both huge carp and pike whilst battling nature as she does her best to prevent her secrets from being unlocked. Success however means super sized specimens are captured with stories good enough to be told forever. So join him to celebrate the reasons why we all cast a line and again watch huge fish discovered and huge fish caught.

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Seeking Shadows (Part 1)

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A desire to know more about what lies beneath the surface is what captivates anglers throughout the world and professional fisherman Martin Bowler is no different. Assisted by friends he sets out on a voyage of discovery and wonder to prise open the veil of water trying to hide its secrets. Magical moments with giant carp to a daring adventure seeking sharks – they’re all told in this tale and filmed on the finest canvas – Mother Nature.

So be prepared to marvel at the world as you have never seen it before. Huge fish discovered – huge fish caught! This is a childhood dream brought to life.


A Fish For All Seasons

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Martin is again at the centre of another epic film where he faces some of his most impossible missions ever, played out against a backdrop of the British countryside, a journey that has filled his life since childhood. This double DVD encapsulates the many flavours of our seasons as he pursues a monster common carp. Of course, the film would not represent a true specimen hunter’s year without the many other species encountered along the way that add to the excitement and help to tell a tale you will not want to miss. From town to valley, river to lake, come and experience this endearing adventure through Martin’s eyes.


A Passion for Angling

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This series of films are quite rightly classed as the greatest portrait of angling ever made. Hugh Miles is at his very best in this timeless classic which reminds us all why we go fishing. The disc contains 6 x 50 minute programmes, originally shown on the BBC.

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Catching The Impossible: Part 1

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Hugh Miles, the man behind Passion for Angling, is back with another classic. Teaming up with Bernard Cribbins and Martin Bowler to show the aquatic world as it’s never been seen before, also at the centre of the films is the quest for some huge specimens. Fish, the likes of which have never been seen before on film are captured including perch to over 5lb, pike to over 30lb and river roach to over 3lb making the title of this series an apt one. Three hour long films.


Catching The Impossible: Part 2

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If you loved Part 1 then the story just keeps on getting bigger and better! Martin and Bernard are again at the centre of more ‘impossible’ adventures which include the famous Hampshire Avon and trying to tame specimens in the depths of winter, plus much much more. Three 1 hour films.


Catching The Impossible: Part 3

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Part 3 – the grand finale which includes the never been seen on TV episode ‘The Ones That Got Away’! The thrilling climax however is impossible sized carp, tench, pike and the fish of the series – a perch of a lifetime. To complete the trilogy this is a must have! Three 1 hour films.


Lampard’s Way With Chub

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If you want to know how to catch big chub, who could be a better teacher than Terry Lampard? Join Martin Bowler as he investigates what makes the greatest specimen hunter ever tick. Nothing is held back and you not only gain an insight into the tactics which have proved so successful but also the man himself.


Warwick’s Way With Carp

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Frank Warwick is joined by Martin Bowler to reveal what it takes to catch big carp successfully. No secrets are held back as the pair land a string of enormous fish culminating in a new personal best for Frank. So whether you intend to target waters in the UK or mainland Europe this is the DVD for you.


Magical Waters

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Four years in the making, this is an atmospheric portrait of some of our finest coarse, game and sea fishing in the UK, set on a backdrop of stunning wildlife and scenery starring the late, great artist, author and fisherman John Searl. Highlights include Dave Steuart giving a salmon fishing master class, massive river predators in summer and autumn, genuine wild carp from an ‘undiscovered’ lake, mullet and bass caught on light tackle as well as much, much more.

Filmed by Paul Witcher Productions – Double DVD boxed set (120 minutes)