I have never, and will never, endorse a product that I haven’t successfully used myself, so I assure you that if you ever find me on the bank Drennan and Sticky will be at the forefront of my approach.


My relationship with Drennan International started a long time ago and I still feel today as I did then – that I’m working with a great company within the angling industry. With a shared belief that quality and integrity is of the utmost importance I have never once felt the need to compromise these values. When I endorse the company’s brands and products I do so because firstly this is what I use and secondly they are genuine fish catching aids. In a world filled with poor products and cheap imitations I put my faith in the Drennan name. So when you are attached to your fish of a lifetime ask yourself can you afford not to be as well?

When Angling Times voted Peter Drennan as one of the top 10 most influential men in angling, Steve Partner wrote: “Can a tackle manufacturer who began making floats in his mother’s garage really be considered one of the greatest influences in the history of fishing ? He can when he’s done as much to change the landscape of the sport as Peter Drennan. The saying goes that every serious angler has at least one item of Drennan tackle in their box, but it’s probably more than ten times that number. Brought up in the Oxford specimen scene during the 1950s and 1960’s, Peter fished alongside legends like Dick Walker, Peter Stone and the Taylor brothers, all of whom proved to have a crucial influence on his career. He began making his floats in 1967 as a way of earning money to pay for his fishing but the business grew, until today it supports in excess of 2,500 individual products – many of whom have broken new ground in innovation..”


Classic angling products associated with the company include the original green Feederlink, square bait boxes, test curve rating of quiver tips, Crystal floats®, Double Strength line and many more. The company has sponsored the England freshwater angling team since 1994, long running competitions such as the Angling Times Drennan Cup and is associated with some of the best known anglers in the sport.

Drennan International now employs over 350 people and supplies over 2000 tackle shops direct from its headquarters in England. Those shops are spread across the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond this area, the company has distributors in most other European countries.

All research and tackle development remains in the UK together with some of the more complex high-tech production, however the company now has six purpose built factories outside of Europe and outside of China in another location which is economically competitive. This low cost location allows the company to offer the bulk of its range of tackle at prices similar to Chinese made-tackle, but which are of superior design and have a much higher quality of build.

Perhaps the company’s greatest strength is its engineering expertise combined with angling knowledge. The company’s production is incredibly diverse, ranging from labour intensive items such as rigs and tackles through to full automated processing of plastics and other materials, computer aided design of tools and even the construction of special purpose production machinery. On all aspects of product design, manufacture, packaging, quality control and customer service, the company has expert anglers in key positions.
The criteria for Drennan is always that any product must be good value for money, trouble free and must help catch fish.

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I have visited a few bait factories but none has been as impressive as Sticky’s. A million miles away from a man in a garage image as you can get and one I would expect in the pharmaceutical industry. Clean, efficient and packed with the best and freshest products in the bait industry. This was boilie making science on a grand scales which is reflected in their incredible range of products. I was certainly impressed as I was with the men behind Sticky; their ethos of quality first has given the company a reputation second to none. Surely there isn’t a serious carp angler who hasn’t heard or seen first hand the pulling power of the Sticky range, harnessing one of the most nutritional micro organisms know to man?


This is accompanied by the amazing Manilla and classics such as Bloodworm, Vortex, fluro, liquid foods and pure natural powders giving an angler everything he could need in his pursuit of a dream fish. And don’t for one minute believe the baits are just for carp as many barbel anglers will tell you that it is the best range they have ever used.


After meeting and seeing Sticky first hand it was impossible for me to say no when asked to join the team and use the baits. Confidence is everything in angling and I am confident in Sticky!


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